Short-term rentals are becoming more popular, especially in areas known for tourism. Because Florida is a state that has a lot of tourists and has a very strong number of visitors to the state every year, issues with short-term rentals are something that has been a focus for lawmakers for quite some time.

Lawmakers at the local and state level have worked to try to regulate the industry due to complaints from local residents about them. These rentals can bring large crowds to one house. They increase noise issues and create traffic problems. People who live near short-term rentals feel like they have lost control of their neighborhoods and demand new legislation.

According to News 4 JAX, lawmakers at the state level currently have a bill in the works to further regulate short-term rentals. However, it is not a bill that local governments are happy about.

No local means to regulate

The new bill swiftly moving through the state legislature would take away the remaining rights of local governments to regulate or have any control at all over short-term rentals in their areas. Currently, local governments have very little control over regulating or managing short-term rentals.

The only tool at their disposal is the ability to license a property and inspect it. Obviously, local governments could use this power to prevent a short-term rental if it suspects the rental could cause issues in a specific area. The bill would switch the licensing and inspecting abilities to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Some hope

There would still be the option of local governments to have some control over short-term rentals by passing new laws. However, any law would have to apply to all rentals and homes. They still would be unable to pass laws specifically regulating short-term rentals. It is this ability that leads lawmakers to believe the loss of the ability to license and inspect is not going to cause issues because local laws can still manage common issues, such as noise.